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- Brian
EN Founding Member



See how it started here:

* not for wussies.

Here’s the truth – in the last
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See how it started here:

* That video was held under
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Because – just as an example of
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In prosperity,

P.S. Merry Christmas :)

I’m gonna stop telling everyone that my company is is having the biggest launch in the history of the industry.
Unless I can get statistical facts from every launch from every company in the history of the world.

I’m gonna stop telling people that we have the best compensation plan in the history of the industry.

I’m gonna stop telling people that all they have to do is get three people.

I’m gonna stop telling people that Network Marketing is easy.

I’m gonna start actually helping my downline so they can succeed.

I’m gonna write out an actual business plan.

I’m gonna invest in advertising.

I’m gonna invest in training and learning how to how to market online and offline like a rockstar.

I’m gonna call at least 3 prospects a day.

I’m gonna stop saying I don’t have enough time.

I’m gonna stop saying I’m to busy.

I’m gonna stop making excuses.

I’m gonna stop chasing people and have them chase me.

I’m gonna make more money that I did last year.

I’m gonna write out a schedule for myself of things to do everyday and actually get them done.

I’m gonna stick with it and not give up.

I’m gonna help others.

I’m gonna succeed.

I’m gonna share this post on facebook and twitter and email the link to my downline because I want to help people.

I’m gonna be a leader to others like I promised them.

I’m gonna analyze my business and stop doing things that aren’t working.

I’m gonna hold myself accountable.

I’m gonna learn what the top earners do and do what they do.

I’m gonna make 2012 my best year yet.

I’m gonna leave a comment below and share what my “I’m gonna” is gonna be.

So another year is coming to an end.

When looking back and assessing your business (you do do that right?), are you taking a good, hard look at how your business ran this year?

Time after time when I talk to other marketers, I realize more and more that the majority of Network Marketers don’t take stock in their business and see where they need improvement. What they need to do to be more productive.

Instead of analyzing their business they just keep doing the sale thing and usually it’s things that really aren’t working for them.

Here are some quick question you can ask yourself:

Am I eliminating things that are not working in my business?

Am I getting more leads every week that I did the previous week?

Am I signing in more reps every week that I was the previous weeks?

If your answer is “No” them it is time to start figuring out why you are not. There is no way to reach your goals if you don’t have a plan in place that is going to produce results.

You know the old saying “What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results”

Well if you are doing the same thing over and over and not getting the results you need it’s time to take a hard look at your business plan (You do have a business plan right?).

If you don’t you need to make one. And I don’t mean one in your head. You need to take a few hours or days if need be and write out a detailed plan of where you want your business to be, how you are going to get it to the level you want, and constantly revise it as needed.

For instance, do you call a set number of prospects everyday, or do you TRY to call a set number? Why aren’t you reaching that quota? Insert excuse here (too busy, not enough leads, etc.). You need to not only answer that question to your self you need to write out the reason why you aren’t making that quota everyday because writing it out makes you pay attention to it more. It helps you really see what you need to do.

Don’t just tell yourself “I need to call more people” or “I need to find more leads”, that will NEVER work. You need to write out a schedule and a plan that you can review daily and will hold you accountable because just telling yourself something won’t stick. You need to have it written down and read it everyday until it becomes second nature.

For me, one of my main goals is to start blogging more on a consistent basis. I’m guilty of not regularly contributing to building my online presence. Big Mistake on my part because we all know that branding yourself online is one of the most effective ways of generating leads online. And I should be doing a better job of that. But I admit that it can be easy to make excuses as to why I’m not doing it. So what did I do? I slapped a sticky note on my computer and wrote with a Sharpie “Did you blog today???”. So every time I sit down I will see that in front of me to remind me what I should be doing. It’s those little things that you do that add up to a big thing. Write out a schedule, use sticky notes, make yourself accountable because at the end of the day the only person who can make you do something is you. And when you are doing it your downline will do it.

Lead by example.

This is a business of duplication and if you have bad habits then your downline will inherit those bad habits.

Make 2012 the year that you get more organized, more productive, and make more fulfilling.

Let me know what you are going to work on this year by leaving a comment below.

By Doug Firebaugh
Original Article can be found here

What kind of VALUE do you expect when you are thinking of buying something? Do you offer that kind of value in your network marketing business? What if you would add that kind of value to your social media efforts? What would happen to your social networking results?

The power of value in your social networking for home business is beyond words. Value is THE most powerful word you can focus on in your network marketing business. Value is the nuclear CORE of social media marketing and multilevel marketing. There is no more powerful recruiting MAGNET to PULL people towards you, and to keep them beside you.

If you do not bring some kind of value to the social conversation, you have missed the boat. I focus on bringing as much value as possible to all I engage with. Sometimes I miss the mark, but for the most part, the results have been pretty consistent!

Value is anything a person perceives as valuable to their life, family, and future. The kind of value that PULLS people towards you is something that adds to their lives, enlarges their destiny, teaches, directs, increases their income, improves the way they feel about themselves and how they look, or stirs powerful emotions of happiness and possibility.

We all need to practice and become what I call value agents. Real estate agents market real estate. Value agents market VALUE. Do you bring value that IMPACTS people instead of seeking to gain something for yourself? There are four powerful levels of value I have found in social media marketing, and value agents always are aware of the level they are operating at and the level they are striving to rise to.

The Four Levels of Being a Magnetic Value Agent

1) The Level of Typical Value
This is the value that just about everyone expects in some form. This is the bare minimum value you need to provide to be taken seriously in social media. This is value that is at least worth reading, watching, and worth paying attention to. Typical Value is the level of value that can be found all over the social zone. People read the posts. listen to the podcasts, and view the videos, but then they move on to something or someone else. They see this as the same old-same old. That is the social response to the level of Typical Value: consume the information and then move on. It really is tough to build any kind of following with this low level of value.

2) The Level of Unexpected Value
This level is when you really start to be noticed in social media. When you have unexpected value in a video, post, article, comment, or podcast, it stirs people’s emotions and makes them pay attention to what you are giving and doing. It FORCES them to FOCUS on your content, message, or idea, as the value of the content is so great that it takes them by total surprise. It helps them in their life in some way, and PULLS them in to take notice of you and your message. The benefit of providing Unexpected Value is that it forces people to continue to pay attention to you and your content, message, or ideas every time you send one out.

3) The Level of Talked-About Value
This level of Value is what I call Have you heard of? or Did you see? This is where you are creating such value that a social BUZZ starts and people start talking about your message, content, or ideas. We have all seen this happen in social media over last five years, and it has been cool to watch. Folks that were virtually unknown become overnight stars. Social media superstar Chris Brogan had ten readers on his blog five years ago and is now THE go-to guy in social media marketing with close to a million monthly readers. People talk about Chris and his blog all the time. This is Talked-About Value. It is value that IMPACTS people with great content, ideas and stirring thoughts. Thought leaders in social media today have a tendency to start at this level. Talked-About Value makes you VISIBLE and noticed for the value you bring to people’s lives.

4) The Level of Multiplied Value
This is the supreme level of value in social media. This level is where you have given so much value in a post, video, article, audio, interview, or program that people do not just talk about it, they start to MULTIPLY it. This happens through viral marketing, readers sending it out to their friends, and telling people you MUST read/see this. That is the power and success of Multiplied Value: people are not just talking about you, they are now talking FOR you. It’s like having your own personal causal press release army in social media getting your message out to tens of thousands of people because they are so touched and moved by your message that they have no choice but to share it.

How do we create Multiplied Value?

You create a social media avalanche with how-to’s, little-known information on what your audience’s interests are and what your MLM business can do for their life, transforming thoughts about what they are doing and how they are living, revealing new social sites, directions, new ideas that ADD, INCREASE, MULTIPLY, and TRANSFORM who they are and what they are doing. That will get noticed and embraced and will end up being multiplied by a ton of people.

Where are you in the four levels of value? Are you a value agent? Let the power of value drive your content and message. Make sure your message and content bring so much value to people that they are moved to multiply the message.

MOVE to MULTIPLY that is the million dollar secret. That is what will EXPLODE your social media network marketing.

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